Friday, February 27, 2015

love that will not let me go...

i'm sure i have profound thoughts stuffed somewhere
on this title, on this month, to share
but for now
it's a season of

-if it's 7pm and a task's not done
it won't be unless i stay up til one

which has been happening far too often
with little productivity to show for it BUT

i must not let another month go by without some pictures!

we have been crazy blessed by God
with this life, a party of six
sometimes grumpy lumpy bumpy folks
but always giving and living
to grow and know
more Love

So here's a quick hello!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

happy thanksgiving!

we have been enjoying fall and now it seems winter is very close at hand! agh! along with a special someone's second (but first) birthday with us and our very first christmas as a party of six...

we have weathered some sickness, halloween, theater weeks, weeks with dad-out-of-town, visits & visitors, and more than i have gumption to describe but life is full.

SO much to be thankful for, always, but...this season brings to mind all the waiting and praying and hope and promises that came true this year!!!  God thank you sooooooooo much!  and thank all of YOU who have helped us become a bigger crazier family!

wherever you are, whoever you're with or whomever you're missing...we hope you have a very special day...

here are a few of our fall highlights!

did someone say cookies? i smell cookies...